Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time To Barter!!

Today, I spoke with JP Gaetz who is the proprietor of Gaetz's Restaurant in Cumberland, Maryland. This local eatery has been the place for good time and good food since 1880.

He was interested in purchasing my book. As we talked, an idea occurred to me: "Why not barter for a meal in lieu of paying postage to Uncle Same when I head East later in the year on a book tour. JP readily agreed!!

I remembered that I sampled one of the house specialities---coconut shrimp where the batter contained more coconut than anything else!! JP also indicated Gaetz's is famous for their crab cakes which have been made from the same recipe since 1949. Alfredo (with a myrid of "go'with") is also considered a treat.

Gaetz's is open every day for both lunch and dinner except Sunday. 301-724-2223

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