Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An Outstanding Autumn Day In Indiana!!

Ot was really difficult to remain in the house and take care of BOTH my antique shop and work on the Historic National Road Yard Sale Cookbook!! Jo Eliadis, a friend and computer whiz, developed a puzzle for the cookbook. She's quick with words & there were only 16 "filler" words for the entire puzzle. (I was referinng to multiple cookbooks for small words which could easily be squeezed here and there!!) The editor with whom I'm working siad that this was the first time anyone had ever subbmitted a word search puzzle in any of the cookbooks in 61 years. The 60's renegade that I am made me even more determined to make the puzzle as interesting and concise as possible!! Each of the 6 states which comprise the Historic National Road Yard Sale is represented as well as regional specialities from regions within each state!! The good old spell check on the computer even questioned some of the entries!! Anyway...many thanks Jo for your wonderful help!! What took you an hour would have taken me I don't know how long!!

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