Thursday, October 8, 2009

Preorder for the HNR CKB sales continue to escalate!! It's been fun keeping track which states and cities order cookbooks!! And...I've also been receiving accolades about the second cover for the HNR CKB!! The first cover is considered "Regional", because the scenes on the cover are local.

At the suggestion of several tourism directors, I elected to have a "regional" cover made. And...this is the one which is proving the MOST popular with BOTH local and national cookbook collectore.

The latter cover was contains two excellent but simple photos of Old US 40 in Indiana. Individuals along the entire 824 miles of the HNR may easily identify with the Old National Road sign (twisted albeit worn) in Eastern Indiana as well as a tree-ensconsed portion or the Old National Road in Western Indiana.

In fact, 75-85% of sales have been sold with this cover. Three of my friends generously donated their time and talent to make this cover a resounding success!!

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