Thursday, October 8, 2009

Preorder for the HNR CKB sales continue to escalate!! It's been fun keeping track which states and cities order cookbooks!! And...I've also been receiving accolades about the second cover for the HNR CKB!! The first cover is considered "Regional", because the scenes on the cover are local.

At the suggestion of several tourism directors, I elected to have a "regional" cover made. And...this is the one which is proving the MOST popular with BOTH local and national cookbook collectore.

The latter cover was contains two excellent but simple photos of Old US 40 in Indiana. Individuals along the entire 824 miles of the HNR may easily identify with the Old National Road sign (twisted albeit worn) in Eastern Indiana as well as a tree-ensconsed portion or the Old National Road in Western Indiana.

In fact, 75-85% of sales have been sold with this cover. Three of my friends generously donated their time and talent to make this cover a resounding success!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time To Barter!!

Today, I spoke with JP Gaetz who is the proprietor of Gaetz's Restaurant in Cumberland, Maryland. This local eatery has been the place for good time and good food since 1880.

He was interested in purchasing my book. As we talked, an idea occurred to me: "Why not barter for a meal in lieu of paying postage to Uncle Same when I head East later in the year on a book tour. JP readily agreed!!

I remembered that I sampled one of the house specialities---coconut shrimp where the batter contained more coconut than anything else!! JP also indicated Gaetz's is famous for their crab cakes which have been made from the same recipe since 1949. Alfredo (with a myrid of "go'with") is also considered a treat.

Gaetz's is open every day for both lunch and dinner except Sunday. 301-724-2223

An Outstanding Autumn Day In Indiana!!

Ot was really difficult to remain in the house and take care of BOTH my antique shop and work on the Historic National Road Yard Sale Cookbook!! Jo Eliadis, a friend and computer whiz, developed a puzzle for the cookbook. She's quick with words & there were only 16 "filler" words for the entire puzzle. (I was referinng to multiple cookbooks for small words which could easily be squeezed here and there!!) The editor with whom I'm working siad that this was the first time anyone had ever subbmitted a word search puzzle in any of the cookbooks in 61 years. The 60's renegade that I am made me even more determined to make the puzzle as interesting and concise as possible!! Each of the 6 states which comprise the Historic National Road Yard Sale is represented as well as regional specialities from regions within each state!! The good old spell check on the computer even questioned some of the entries!! Anyway...many thanks Jo for your wonderful help!! What took you an hour would have taken me I don't know how long!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Historic National Road Yard Sale Cookbook

When I reread my recent blog, I didn't realize that I'd substituted "Indiana" for "Indiana". I really don't think that Ms Gilbert would spend four months in Italy, return to the Midrest (aka Indiana), and then fly to Indonesia. India should have been her second stop!!

Anyway, it's been a long day typing and proofing a press release. I'm glad this particular portion of the cookbook projct is complete.

Yester, Jo spent a good 1 1/2 hours helping with a word search for one of the pages of the cookbook. Instead of having the "routine" "ingrediate substitution", I opted for something a little different.

Anyway, signing off for now....


Monday, October 5, 2009

HNR US 40 Yard Sale Cookbook Creation

My name is Patricia McDaniel. I own an antique shop on the Historic National Road in Dublin , Indiana which is situated in Western Wayne County. Country store items, primitives, & advertising. Pharmaceuticals are a speciality in my shop.

I've supplied props for period movies including Munich, The Good Shepherd, Avalon, A League Of Their Own plus approximately 35 other movies. My specialization in pharmaceutical items resulted in my authoring and the release of "Drugstore Collectibles" published by Wallace-Homestead Chilton.

The Historic National Road aka US 40 was the first Interstate in the United States. I knew that the bicentennial of the Historic National Road would be in 2006. I considered what I could do to celebrate the event. So...I started the Historic National Road Yard sale. My goal was to develop an event which would be affordable for everyone. No tickets or fancy automobiles required!!

In 2004, the HNR Yard Sale extended in Indiana from Richmond to Knightstown. In 2005, the HNR Yard Sale traversed all 157 miles of Indiana from Richmond to Terre Haute.

By 2006, the Historic National Road Yard Sale had grown and extended from Baltimore MD to ST Louis MO for a total of 824 miles. That was the year I decided to take a month-long Promotional Tour with Mr. Eli, my airedale/wolfhound, as my traveling companion. BOTH of use shared some wonderful experiences! (Please refer to my

It didn't take long to realized that the cuisine along the route differed from state to state and region to region within each state. I literally ate my way through 1700 miles!!

In 2008, I had just finished reading the book "Eat, Pray", Love by Elizabeth. Gilbert. She took a year-long sabbitacal and spent time in Italy, Indiana, and Indonesia. So...I opted to replicate her feat for sixty days. (I turned 60 in January 2008>). All of my gasoline, food, lodging, were donated in exchange for a listing on my website as well as an inclusion in my Travel Journal. Double the time on the road. Double the amount of time I could eat regional food. On both Promotional Tours, I did not eat at fast food restaurants, use a cell phone, or have a radio on in my car.

An idea had been in the back of my mind for about six months. mid-June...I decided to begin to compile recipes for the Historic National Road Yard Sale Cookbook. Individuals, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and food-related industries were contacted. The only criteria was that the recipes submitted should reflect the particular region of a specific state. Thus, zucchini bread from Illinois was "in". Crab salad was "out" Breaded tenderloin from Indiana was "in" while banana bread was :"out". To my knowledge, I've never seen a banana tree growing anywhere in Wayne County!!

Two and a half months later, 317 recipes which comprise the Historic National Road Yard Sale Cookbook were sent to the publisher!! There are NO five recipe variations for steak soup!! In fact, there are no duplicate recipes!!The cookbook will definitely reflect the editor's wry sense of humor as well as a salute to her own hometown. (The latter will also have a nifty way in which food pundits and folklorists will be able to identify with their own special section of US 40.)

The editor also elected to have two covers printed. The first appeals to residents in Wayne County, Indiana. The second features two photos of the Old National Road in Indiana. The editor felt that this cover would be one in which everyone along the Historic Road Could identify.

The Historic National Road Yard Sale Cookbook is available for $16.95 plus $8 for S & H. Two copies mailed to the same address are available for $41.90. There is a discount for orders of five or more.